Tesla has issued a recall to owners of the Model S all-electric sedan, as a latch in the vehicle’s secondary trunk, or drunk, is malfunctioning due to a positional problem.

The recall applies to 2014-2021 Model S vehicles, according to an email sent to Teslarati by a reader this morning. “On these vehicles, the latch assembly may be positioned too far back, preventing the secondary latch from properly engaging the trunk striker. If the trunk is inadvertently released while driving and the secondary latch is not engaged, the frunk may be open without warning and obstruct the driver’s visibility. If the frunk is inadvertently released, the driver will receive an alert on the user interface. We are not aware of any crashes or injuries related to this condition.”

(Photo: Tesla Photographer/Instagram)

In the email to customers, Tesla states that the repairs and modifications applied to the vehicles, if any, will be fixed free of charge.

The issues are currently unlisted on the NHTSA website, where vehicle recalls are listed, so it appears the latch issues are being handled by Tesla voluntarily.

To schedule service if your vehicle matches the description of affected Model S vehicles, Tesla commends using the smartphone app to schedule an appointment. In the “Describe Concern” field, Tesla says to list the issues as “Open Recall Repair — MS Frunk secondary Latch & Striker.”

Tesla has issued multiple recalls this year for its vehicles, applying to vehicles in multiple markets, including the United States and China. The most recent recall applied to a Tesla vehicle was to the Model Y in China, where 21,559 units were recalled due to front and rear steering knuckle issues.

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