I catch up with a round up of stories from January: ULA’s first Vulcan launch, Blue Origin’s success with its BE-4 engines and what it means for their year, Astrobotic’s Peregrine mission, JAXA’s SLIM mission, and NASA’s announcement of Artemis delays.

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Vulcan Centaur launches Peregrine lunar lander on inaugural mission – SpaceNewsBlue Origin gets U.S. Space Force funding for New Glenn ‘integration studies’ – SpaceNewsNASA urged Astrobotic not to send its hamstrung spacecraft toward the Moon | Ars TechnicaUpdate #17 for Peregrine Mission One | AstroboticUpdate #20 for Peregrine Mission One | AstroboticJapan’s SLIM achieved pinpoint moon landing with just one working engine – SpaceNewsDawoon Jung on X: “One of #SLIM main engines fell off during landing”NASA Shares Progress Toward Early Artemis Moon Missions with Crew – NASANASA delays Artemis 2 and 3 missions – SpaceNews

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