John Glenn made history #OTD in 1962 when he became the first American to orbit the Earth. He made 3 orbits, North Korean state TV aired footage Sunday of a Hwasong-15 ICBM launch conducted, Sunday morning observation of International Space Station ISS passing overhead and also in sight is an aircraft with contrail going by ISS, Chinese spy balloon overflight reaction brings this, …  U.S. actions ‘absurd and hysterical’ and an effort ‘to divert attention from its domestic problems.’, Progress MS-21 undocked from the ISS, Polaris Dawn flies this summer, In a statement, Launcher said its Orbiter SN1 vehicle malfunctioned shortly after deployment from a Falcon 9 rocket on the Transporter-6 rideshare mission Jan. 3 when it could not properly orient itself so that its solar cells could generate power, Oklahoma ranks in the top 10 for which states are most obsessed with “otherworldly visitors” ALIENS. We’re number 8, Xuntian Space Telescope (CSST/Chinese Survey Space Telescope) is planned to be launched in 2024, Japan’s H3 launch scrub info. Ananomaly was found in the first stage system and ignition signals for SRB-3s were not sent, Award funds a feasibility study for the Lunar South Pole Oxygen Pipeline (LSPoP), a pipeline at the South Pole of the Moon to transport gaseous oxygen from an extraction site to a proposed future Lunar base, The carrier aircraft for Virgin Galactic’s suborbital spaceplane made its first flight in more than a year Feb. 15 as the company moves one step closer to beginning commercial service, NASA has released additional details about how it plans to use commercial space stations after the retirement of the International Space Station as some in industry seek to accelerate NASA’s support for them.

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