Earthquakes in Turkey and New York but HAARP not at fault, China balloon has everyone looking up until it was shot down, but are there more China balloons, evening orbital pass of the International Space Station ISS, Mars captured by the Hope probe, Ops Team successfully carried out the 3rd orbital control maneuver of HAKUTO-R Mission 1 lunar lander, Gravitilab’s UAV solution ascended to 2,000 ft and then released the payload within their patent protected ‘LOUIS’ drop-pod, achieving a period of microgravity – a world first for generating a sustained microgravity environment using an UAV system, Spacewalk at the International Space Station ISS, HQ in Colorado to first develop a unique space structure on ground, then try it in space. I watched the demo video, Liftoff of 53 more Starlink satellites, that is a bunch of hair in space, Mars Helicopter Ingenuity flight 41, It’s official NASA Persevere has dropped the final tube for the Mars Sample Return depot.

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