NASA is suspending efforts, at least until late next year, to try to fully deploy a solar array on its Lucy spacecraft, Rocket Lab now targeting Tuesday Jan 24th for first Electron mission from Virginia, Memories of a younger, simpler time. The Thunderbirds TV show, Thunderbird 5 was in space, China’s astronauts at Tiangong Space Station CSS celebrating and decorating, Detailed renders of the three Tiangong space station modules, Buzz Aldrin gets married at 93, Yutu-2 lunar rover and Chang’e-4 lunar lander woke up on Jan 15 & 16, continuing their exploration on the Moon in the 51th lunar day, First ISS spacewalk of 2023 completed, Video of this morning’s meteor taken from my neighborhood, Falcon 9 launches GPS III satellite to orbit, The Tulsa Air and Space Museum is at-risk of closing its doors for good, space capsule on Oklahoma roadside needs to be moved.

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