The National Space Society invites you to the next Space Forum

Thursday, June 13, 2024, 9:00 pm to 10:15 pm EDT

Experiencing the Moon at the Kennedy Space Center

Dr. Kirby Runyon, PhD
Planetary Geology Research Scientist

CEO, Planex.Space

The Space Coast has been the launchpad for countless astronauts and lunar spacecraft. But what happens after they embark on their journey to the Moon? Join us for an enthralling space forum with planetary geologist, exploration architect, and NSS member Dr. Kirby Runyon as he delves into the Kennedy Space Center’s pivotal role in lunar exploration. Think the Moon is just a lifeless rock in space where we’ve “been there, done that?” Think again!

Dr. Runyon will take you on a captivating journey, painting a vivid portrait of the Moon as an active planet, bustling with secrets waiting to be uncovered. Learn how innovative collaborations between people and machines are pushing the boundaries of lunar exploration. But this presentation is more than just science; it’s about the human spirit of adventure and discovery. Explore not just the technical aspects but also the emotional and experiential journey of those who dare to explore the Moon. Don’t miss this informative space forum and register today.

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Dr. Kirby Runyon is a planetary geology research scientist with the NASA-sponsored Planetary Science Institute and also the CEO of his Space Edutourism company, Planetary Experience (Planex.Space). He is also a Zero-gravity coach, having participated in almost two-dozen parabolic flights. A life-long space enthusiast, Kirby loves sharing his amazement, awe, and wonder of the Cosmos with any who will listen. Not content to simply learn about the Cosmos, he seeks to experience the cosmos through space-themed adventure tourism. He lives in Baltimore, MD.

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