In this Better Satellite World podcast, based on the June 2024 edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable, our panel of experts takes a hard-nosed look at how the public and private sectors share the world of AI.

Among other questions, we ask: What role will AI have on military applications in Space and on the ability to anticipate threats and opportunities that the commercial sector can benefit from? Profit from? Provide a more secure and just world for? There is no doubt that space is increasingly a warfare theater. But will it also become a culture which, through commerce and global cooperation, becomes a place where conflicts are “de-risked”?

Speakers include:

Dr. James Cunningham, DoD Busisness Development, Wallaroo Chris Cummins, Chief of Staff, Voyager Space Stuart Daughtridge, Senior VP, Advanced Technology, Kratos; Chairman, DIFI; and Finalist 2023 Satellite Executive of the Year Jeremy Fand, Co-Founder and CEO, SeerAI, Inc. Read More – SSPI