New business models for software-defined satellites: this episode features Florian Thirion, Senior Product and Portfolio Marketing Manager at Airbus Defence and Space. New software-defined satellites give operators the capability to scale their business models and diversify the services they deliver to customers.

Over 27,000 satellites with flexible architectures are forecasted to be manufactured and launched between 2021 and 2031. Software-defined satellites enables lower and progressive CapEx, can share capacity between operators, and have lower overall operation costs. In coming years, high throughput laser links between GEO and ground architecture will allow from 10-100 gigabits of massive data transfer.


0:00 – introducing Florian Thirion, Airbus Defence and Space

1:25 – current state of the satellite market

2:42 – why the industry is moving towards software-defined satellites

4:10 – bent-pipe satellites vs. software-defined satellites

6:55 – new capabilities made possible

8:25 – best applications for software-defined satellites

10:11 – increasing revenue and lowering CapEx

11:50 – working with ground systems

14:17 – multi-orbit orchestration

14:50 – prediction: software-defined satellites in five years

17:44 – building cloud connectivity in satellite

19:36 – long-term sustainability in space

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