Jake and Anthony are joined by Mark Peller, VP of Vulcan Development at United Launch Alliance, to talk about…well…Vulcan development!


Off-Nominal – YouTubeEpisode 156 – It’s All Muscle (with Mark Peller, VP of Vulcan Development at ULA) – YouTubeUnited Launch Alliance Successfully Launches First Next Generation Vulcan RocketTory Bruno on X: “Hmm. What’s that? Could it be a second Vulcan mobile launch platform on its way to the new VIF for final assembly?”Tory Bruno on X: “By popular demand, here’s some photos of the construction at SLC3 at Vandenberg to convert the pad for Vulcan. (Classic Vandy “June Gloom”). Currently on track to be completed early next year, several months ahead of our first West Coast Vulcan.”ULA on X: “#ULARocketShip and #VulcanRocket are on the move! Soon, the #Cert2 booster and Centaur V will be arriving in Cape Canaveral, Florida ahead of its launch planned later this year.”Tory Bruno on X: “Atlases, Atlases, Atlases… Mighty #AtlasV is stacking up like cord wood at the Cape…”Building 5, Atlas Assembly Line | Flickr

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