Jake and Anthony are joined by Eric Berger, Senior Space Editor at Ars Technica, to figure out what’s up with the Orion heat shield, SLS layoffs, commercial Mars studies, and the ISS deorbit vehicle.


Off-Nominal – YouTubeEpisode 151 – CanadLeg (with Eric Berger) – YouTubeNASA’s Readiness for the Artemis II Crewed Mission to Lunar Orbit – NASA OIGNASA seems unhappy to be questioned about its Artemis II readiness | Ars TechnicaAmid schedule uncertainty, Boeing will shed workers on SLS rocket program | Ars TechnicaNASA may alter Artemis III to have Starship and Orion dock in low-Earth orbit | Ars TechnicaWe got a leaked look at NASA’s future Moon missions—and likely delays | Ars TechnicaIf Starship is real, we’re going to need big cargo movers on the Moon and Mars | Ars TechnicaAn Overview of the Budget Proposal for NASA for Fiscal Year 2025 – YouTubeNelson lobbies Congress to fund ISS deorbit vehicle in supplemental spending bill – SpaceNews

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