Jake and Anthony are joined by journalist and author Tim Fernholz to talk about some of his recent stories on the Space Force, Kam Ghaffarian, and let’s be honest, we’ll probably get distracted by Intuitive Machine’s first lunar landing attempt.


Off-Nominal – YouTubeEpisode 143 – Maneuver Without Regret (feat. Warfighting Domain) (feat. Tim Fernholz) – YouTubeGoodnight, Sweet Prince: Saying Goodbye to IM-1 – PayloadKam Ghaffarian’s Moonshots – The New York TimesMeet True Anamoly, the startup working to win America’s space race against Russia – VoxHarry Stranger on X: “A very high resolution satellite image of Blue Origin’s 98 meter tall New Glenn pathfinder standing on the pad at Launch Complex 36 on Friday.”Can Space Force Stop Somali Rocket Pirates? | Guest: Anthony Colangelo | Ep 101 – YouTube

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